About the Owner

When I was a boy my mother asked me “Dwight, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I said, “Momma, I want to get dirty!” Two scores later, I opened a trash bin cleaning service, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The response that people have when they inquire about my new  business is priceless and rewarding. The opportunity to exercise my discipline, dignity, and entrepreneurship is quite rewarding. 

I am a hippie at heart so being able to provide a green service makes me feel good. Knowing that I am on the cutting edge of an up and coming industry is exciting. I feel as though I am part of something that has an unmeasured potential. This gives me the chills and allows me to wake up and enjoy every working day. 

My three favorite hobbies are chess, basketball and outdoor activities. Not too sure what that says about me as a human but whatever it is, I’ll be it.

I am happy to bring my life experiences to ATL Fresh Cans. It has been a very interesting life and I hope to make ATL Fresh Cans a very interesting company.

Dwight E. Jones, Jr.

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