HOA's & Community Organizations


  • Communal cleanliness; we all want a clean community but in reality expecting everyone to do their part is a lofty idea. By providing a supportive service ensures the job is done and done well, demonstrating the importance of community.

Home Owners Associations and other Community Organizations are invited to take advantage of bulk pricing on quarterly cleaning package.

There are two options: 

  1. Individual community members can band together to take advantage of the bulk cleaning rates. Payments will be made separately by each household and savings will be enjoyed by all. 
  2. Your community government can opt-in and enjoys even larger savings and a cleaner, happier neighborhood.

The below price savings is for quarterly cleanings, one cleaning every 3 months.

Savings increase as community participation increases.  

If interested leave a message with your contact information using this form or call 404-789-7250.

Community Pricing Scale

10 to 20 homes; additional $5 OFF 

21 to 35 homes; additional $10 OFF

36 or more homes; additional $20 OFF