You TOO Can Clean Your Trash Bin to Eliminate Odor & Bacteria

Many people don’t clean their outdoor trash cans. When you don’t clean your trash cans, they smell bad and breed bacteria. This problem is hazardous for people who keep their trash cans inside a garage or shed.

If you don’t mind dirty work, you can clean a trash can with a garden hose or pressure washer and a long-handled scrub or deck brush. If you do mind dirty work, I’ll come to your house to clean your trash cans with my 200-degree water and all-natural solvents. Plus, I’ll haul away the waste water. Contact me through my web site at

To clean your trash can, start with an empty trash can, typically the day after your garbage pickup. Depending on the size of your trash can, pour 2-3 cups of vinegar or any all natural solvent into the bottom of your trash can.

Fill a third of the trash can with water. Scrub the interior and exterior.
Empty the trash can waste water onto the grass or other areas of soil, especially if you throw diapers, used syringes, spoiled food, or other contaminated items in your trash can. For biodegradable products to degrade properly, they need to go into the soil. Also, dispose waste water at least 200 feet from any water source such as storm sewer systems, streams, and

After cleaning the trash can, allow it to dry before closing the lid. When the trash can is dry, consider lining it with a thick garbage bag to prevent slimy substances from adhering to the side of the trash can.

Cleaning a trash can involves some muscle. You may have to wash and rinse the trash can multiple times. Also, wear gloves, safety glasses, disposable poncho, and rubber boots to avoid contact from contaminated water.

Clean your trash can as needed based on what you dispose. Do you throw bagged or unbagged garbage into the trash can? Do you throw unbagged landscape material such as grass clippings or tree bush/tree trimmings into the trash can? Unbagged garbage will increase your frequency
of cleaning the trash can.

In between cleanings, reduce trash can odor using ordinary household ingredients. Place any of these items into the trash can and leave overnight.
Box of baking soda. If you have a metal trash can, make sure the baking soda doesn’t spill and corrode the metal. Consider placing the baking soda box in a plastic bag. Leave the bag open so the baking soda can absorb odors.

  • Pulverized bag of charcoal. Open the bag to allow the charcoal to absorb odors.
  • Vanilla extract poured on a few cotton balls. Consider using the less-expensive, artificial vanilla extract.
  •  Cheap cat litter.
  • Used dryer sheets. Place in a plastic bag and leave open so the sheet doesn’t get wet
    accidentally and adhere to the side of the trash can.
  • Orange, lemon, or lime peels. Use dry peels.
  • Fresh coffee grounds and tea leaves. Place in an open bag or container.

Clean, fresh-smelling trash cans are important to the health and happiness of you and your neighbors. For those of you who don’t want to clean your trash cans, I will clean them for you. I sanitize and clean trash cans in the Atlanta area. My service is thorough, eco-friendly, and curbside.

You can contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dwight Jones
The Trash Can Cleaning Man

P.S. Cleaning trash cans is a standard practice in the United Kingdom and has been growing in the U.S. 

How YOU Can Clean Your Own Trash Bin