Friends and Partners

Five Star Spotless Cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning agency that provides quality services and cuts no corners. I first learned about them on Facebook. I was drawn in by the apparent tenacity for entrepreneurship and amazing post. As I conducted the usual research, reading reviews on FB and Google, checking social media posts, and visiting the website, I was impressed with everything. So I reached out to Shawndell and we had an amazing conversation about growth, strength in numbers, honesty and remaining humble. Her spirit captured me. I felt comfortable and confident and I have been sending referrals ever since.

Georgia Roof Advisors won Best of Cobb 2019. The award speaks to the excellence in quality of work and customer service provided. I met Naomi at a networking event. She’s a real go-getter. Socially she’s a fun, warm personality, with an electric streak that can turn any party upside down. Professionally she’s all business. The first time we sat down to talk business I was struck by her focus, business acumen, and drive. I knew she meant business and I was eager to learn from her wisdom, grit, and determination. 

Trash Can Valet services busy families, traveling professionals, elderly residents, and anyone who is sick and tired of lugging their cans to the street. Sarah Katherine was originally referred to me through a mutual networking contact. I researched TCV and discovered that she is a well-established entrepreneur with a ton of experience and success. Meeting her was no letdown. Sitting with Sarah Katherine is like sitting with a Southern Belle Business Shark, she is friendly and fast, sweet and assertive, all of which are great combinations for a business partner. 

West Cobb Sanitation is a trash and recycle removal company that services West Cobb County. I walked in to introduce my services hoping to land a one-time cleaning job. Mike had a much larger and wiser idea. He quickly sized me up and I knew that I was in the presence of a seasoned businessman. I could feel his brain speeding past mine. He laid out a very specific partnership idea so fast that it left my head spinning. That day I learned just how fast business can happen. I’ve been thankful for his business sense ever since. 

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